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Marketing with Strategic Empathy® takes you into the world of the Fortune 500 and explores how they develop marketing strategy in a VUCA world

How do Fortune 500 corporations approach marketing strategy formation when market disruption is the norm and speed to market the priority? Research shows that in many successful organizations, forward strategic planning has been replaced by strategic learning, an ongoing process of shifting strategy based on organizational learning. This requires every manager, perhaps even every employee to become a strategist and use their learning as a foundation for flexible, fast-paced strategy formation. However learning is more than data; learning must nurture rich and nuanced insights – or empathy - as a basis for superior marketing effectiveness.

What is Strategic Empathy®?


The Strategic Empathy® Process


Immersive research for Strategic Empathy®

ModelPeople Inc. President, Claire Brooks’ book, Marketing with Strategic Empathy®, is a practical guide on how to implement a unique process for strategic learning which has empathy for the consumer or customer at its core.  The process is applicable for organizations of any size, and for not-for-profits as well as global corporations.

In the book, Claire offers detailed methods, tools and templates for uncovering deep emotional and cultural insights as a basis for flexible and fast brand marketing strategy activation. Packed with over 50 case studies, the book is consistently underpinned by business and scientific theory, including cultural anthropology, emotions theory and behavioral economics. The book is published by Kogan Page in London and New York.


Praise for Marketing with Strategic Empathy

‘Claire has an innate talent for discovering the actual motivation and truth behind consumer responses. Her command of the insights tools and methodologies in this book, coupled with an adaptable style and intuitive sense for how to employ those tools helps her arrive at the big “AHAH” moment more quickly and more frequently than any other insights professional I have worked with.’
Mic Zavarella, Senior Director of Marketing, PepsiCo

‘This book is a refreshing antidote to the over-reliance on ‘big data’ in today’s consumer insights world. Claire has graciously shared her excellent techniques for discovering truly actionable insights. Consumer research textbooks typically have given short shrift to qualitative research methods; this book doesn’t do this and is a great resource for students and practitioners alike.’
Nicki Shovar, Instructor, Marketing Research Methods, UC Berkeley Extension; former Director of Consumer Research, Ubisoft

‘This is a well-written book that combines evidence, practical examples and case studies, enabling the reader to gain insight into some of the inner drivers and subconscious motives behind decision making. Even non-profits exist in a dynamic world with lots of competition for resources and leaders need to be able to put themselves into the shoes of the people they want to influence and serve. As a leader of a global mental health non-profit advocacy organization, the issues, concepts and ideas presented in Marketing with Strategic Empathy resonate profoundly with what I have observed and experienced – there is much to learn from this book and applying the concepts will enrich non-profit leaders and their organizations.’    
Professor Gabriel Ivbijaro, President, World Federation for Mental Health; Chair, World Dignity Project

‘Claire is one of the most insightful people in the insights business. Marketing with Strategic Empathy avoids the typical abstract pontificating and gives us real, tangible, she-was-there examples of how insights can lead to richer consumer connections. Her book helps clients and creative people alike understand the mysteries of consumer (human) behaviour.’
John Robertson, Simpler&Simpler strategic branding and ad agency

‘Marketers often rely on competitive analysis and traditional needs-based research to develop their strategies, but rarely truly understand what is driving the customer’s decision making. Claire’s methodologies go many layers deeper into the customer’s mindset and provide brands future insight to develop products their customers will not just want, but desire.’    
Mark Dipko, Automotive Strategy Expert

‘This is a brilliant guide for anyone in the position of understanding consumers and shoppers. Claire does a beautiful job of weaving together academic theory with sheer wisdom that only comes from deep field experience. I’m personally equipping everyone in our team with this book.’
Chris Tjaden, Director of Strategy and Insights, 10 Red Design