We custom blend immersive creative, implicit, and observational methodologies (mobile, online and in-person) to ensure the stakeholder team gains deeper consumer and market insights.

We design and moderate planning, ideation and futuring sessions to help Insights Executives drive activation of insights into strategy faster and more effectively.

We work with award-winning film-makers, creative story-tellers and graphic artists to visualize insights so that they come alive for the client organization to inspire strategic understanding and implementation.

What's the culture and practice of keeping fit around the world?

Our client wanted to explore commonalities between the US, Europe and Asia to help them develop global product and marketing strategy.

process immerse

We held group discussions and ethnographic observations of fitness consumers, and designed international market immersions via our network of urban trendsetter City Correspondents. The result of a stakeholder team activation session was a segmentation model for key markets, brand positioning architecture and product design and marketing guidelines.

How do we create innovation in a category with one dominant player?

Ground-breaking innovation which harnessed the corporation’s key technology competencies was the goal.

ModelPeople moderated innovation workshops, bringing cross-category perspectives to corporate functional leads, to stimulate a new approach. Within one week we helped refine concepts for research exploration with consumers. Within three weeks the client had an innovation roadmap for the US and Europe.

How does a healthcare brand differentiate by creating empathy with its users?

The category was considered to have low consumer involvement and functionaity-based brand differentiation was weak.

We ran ethnographic interviews using implicit and sub-conscious techniques to uncover very deep insights about the consumer experience of their ailment. Powerful film inspired a new brand positioning architecture and ad campaign.