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Vitamins and Mindfulness in LA

January 2015

By Wendy Dembo, Los Angeles

When I was younger, every year, I used to make a resolution to stay home one night a week — alas as a Mom, that isn’t a problem. Now I like to think of the New Year as an opportunity to re-focus my attention on life, health and happiness goals.

I am trying to be more present myself and with my friends and family.  For me, that means be conscious about the time I spend on the phone and computer when I should be interacting with other people and my family. It is so easy to get sucked in. I just got “Checky” which tracks how often you check your smart phone. It is frightening how often I check my phone. I hate to think what would happen if it tracked the time I spend playing “Candy Crush.” I am certainly more aware of my time.

Most people don’t believe it, but there is a “winter” in LA and with it comes our cold season. I shop at the Santa Monica Coop which is a leader in organic and natural products. I have stocked up on my go to vitamins to ward off illness. I take vitamin C that comes from Amla, which is theoretically more powerful than vitamin C from oranges. My friend swears that Lysine keeps him healthy, so I have some SUPER Lysine that comes with Echinacea, Licorice, Propolis and Odorless Garlic. I take this with everything else, when I am starting to feel a bit under the weather and/or everyone else around me is sick. Right now, everyone seems to have a terrible 24-hour flu, so I have been very diligent about taking my vitamins and getting more sleep than usual. I also try to remember to take New Chapter’s “Every Women’s One Daily Multi” just to make sure that I am getting the vitamins and minerals that I need. And I take Evening Primrose for added immunity. Strangely it also gives me the oddest dreams.

When all my herbs and vitamins don’t seem to be doing the trick, I go for Mucinex, because it magically makes your congestion go away.

For the last few months, I have noticed that leggings are getting wild. There are crazy patterns, shapes and colors, where once there was only black. I have some from Nike, Old Navy and the Gap. And I just bought a pair of Nike Flash that are reflective. They seem to make going to the gym more fun. I think that whatever motivates you to exercise or go to the gym is great.

For that very purpose, I just bought a super cute Orla Kiely yoga mat and water bottle from Target. I am constantly on the search for a non-BPA water bottle that doesn’t’t leak. Hopefully, this one will work. I bought everything online. When I am home at night on my computer, I am able to be productive. Maybe “Checky” will keep me from buying too much online in the future.

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