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Vintage photos and colorful skirts

December 2011

By Georgia Nicolau, Sao Paulo

Finally—Christmas time—my favorite time of the year: the summer is arriving, the sun is shining, and there’s finally time to spend with friends and family, most likely at the beach. Of course, Christmas’ approach also means it’s time to buy presents—and receive some! Why not treat yourself to that something you’ve been dreaming of—and saving money for—all year?

Believe it or not, the product I most covet is the new iPhone 4 which was just been launched in Brazil this past October. iPhones are still expensive here: the new one costs some $800 USD according to a free conversion from Reais to US Dollars. Despite their exorbitant cost, iPhones are starting to become increasingly ubiquitous – almost all my friends have one nowadays. Amongst the millions of available apps, it seems like the number 1 function is to take old-style pictures and, of course, post them on Facebook. Instagram is a total success here, with Brazil now placing third on a list of countries that most use the trendy iPhone app.

Second on my Christmas’s wish list is a…long and colorful skirt! Whether they be ethnic or flowered, long skirts are all the rage here in São Paulo.

Given my love for summer, I am similarly smitten with summer fashion and am drooling over this season’s skirts, dresses, and flip-flops. As declared on a very popular Brazilian fashion website, Fashion Eye, “color is the new black” for this summer 2011/2012. Many Brazilians may be purchasing their new colorful wardrobes online as we, as a country, are just beginning to experiment with online shopping as we begin to place more trust in the Internet. Furthermore, practically speaking, people are working longer hours and therefore have less spare time; online shopping allows you to view and assess all available options and pick clothes without having to waste time at the shopping mall. Although Brazilian e-commerce is still young, it hasn’t stopped growing and has increased by 40% since 2010. Sites like Mercado Livre and vintage clothing stores like enjoie are paving the way for Brazil’s imminent e-shopping revolution.

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