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Vans & Mezcal Understand Me, Mexico City

April 2015

By Gabriela Acevedo, Mexico City

When we talk about brands, we usually relate them to our demands at the time. But there are some brands that mean something special to us, those brands that know how to talk with us and understand what we want to be. First, I would like to mention Vans "Off the Wall". Even though Vans seem to be a brand that points to a target of young skaters that is not all it’s about. For young adults like me, Vans is one of those brands that help us to emphasize that we are still young and we are full of energy and dreams. Because we have grown up with Vans, I can remember the importance to get a pair; it was like having the best company at school. But it is still meaningful nowadays since it is a brand that represents having an urban lifestyle. Not only the sneakers, but also the clothes and other accessories are made of the right materials to meet the challenges of the daily life. They are comfortable and strong and the products also have colorful choices and alternative models. These are the appropriate characteristics to get the best outfit to hang out in the street with friends and also to go to work or do whatever you want to do. Vans are a brand that makes you feel freedom when moving and uniqueness. It could be a classic brand, but at the same time so actual, it’s timeless.

The rock scene has taken Vans as one of the principal sponsor of music concerts because it matched pretty well with the idea of the rebellious youth having euphoric times. It is not easy to find Vans products, there are only 4 main brand stores in Mexico City but there is another local retailer that is in charge to acquire the clothing you are looking for. A store called Token and HCDF. These guys are specialist in the street wear, hardcore music, piercings and tattoos. To visit their store it’s necessary to cross the city, because it’s far away from downtown, but it is part of the adventure and it’s worth it. Unlike the conventional stores, with local vendors you never know what new products you will encounter, either new season or past seasons. Vans always have something to offer and surprise you.

One night is never the same when you have a Mezcal, an alcoholic drink that has become one of the favorites for young adults and also middle-aged targets. This drink is originally from Mexico, made from a plant called agave and there are more than 30 different types. Flavor is the decisive factor for choosing a Mezcal, but it also depends of the mood you are in, because you can have the ones that are lighter and soft, for having a good chat or the stronger ones for setting up a crazy night. Nowadays Mezcal is present in almost every party; one of their virtues is that you can drink a straight Mezcal and enjoy all the flavors as it’s sometimes mixed with other aromatic plants like rosemary and cedar. Also, you can make blends with Mezcal and a fruit juice; my favorite is with orange and strawberry juice. The Mezcal is a noble drink, but it cannot be taken lightly, it is important to understand every new Mezcal you are trying, because the effect is always different.   

Although it is complicated to have one favorite brand, I would like to mention La Celestina, because it is a young, white and organic Mezcal. It is a good idea to have a shot like an appetizer or to combine it with the meal. There is a well-known bar called Mezcalero, there you can find La Celestina and other good options. The gain of going to a bar like this is that the owners have enough experience to recommend to you how to drink your Mezcal according to the dish you are eating. La Celestina Mezcal is soft but full of power.

For me, Mezcal is one of the best drinks I have ever had; it is already like a party in your mouth. It’s fresh and tasty. There are some popular phrases related with it, my favorite one is:

“para todo mal, Mezcal para todo bien, también y si el mal es renuente, Mezcal nuevamente” (For everything bad, Mezcal; for everything good, too; and if the bad is resistant, Mezcal again)

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