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Russia's Month of Holiday Cheer

December 2013

By Maria Petrova, Moscow

Russia's most exciting season is approaching, with an almost month-long celebration from Western Christmas through the Russian New Year on January 13!

1. The 10-day holiday gives everyone time off, and is often refrerred to as the "Ski Holidays."  I am especially looking forward to the new Smith ski goggle, the Virtue Series' Mist Motif in its trendy, light blue-green color.

2. Russians also love their literature, and especially philiosophy. The brilliant journalist and philosopher, Jules Evans, has a new book out, and I cannot wait to read this wise man's prose! Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations explores ideas on how ancient eternal knowledge can help individuals deal with the modern life challenges.

3. Russians have a New Year tradition to make wishes while the clock on Kremlin tower strikes 12 times, unlike other countries, where everyone sets a resolution. I'll be a forgiener this year and aim to take piano lessons again. The portable Digital Roll-up Soft Keyboard Piano is handy, transportable and sounds great! Priced at around USD 60, it could be a good business idea to supply these musical instruments to Russia!

Drink of choice: Small-batch wine production is on the rise in Russia. Not readily available in supermarket chains, the wines can be purchased in specialised shops and in Southern Russian region of Krasnodar. Lefkadia's Red Festelia is my top choice!

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