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Ramiro’s Personal Style In Mexico City

September 2014

By Gabriela Acevedo Castillo, Mexico City

Personal style: RAMIRO 

Dressed up in his black outfit, Ramiro is a 32-year-old man that works as an art producer and industrial designer in Mexico City. It is all about creating stuff, “creating things for someone else, but at the same time, is to produce just for you”-Ramiro said.

Since he was a small boy, he used to draw everything about superheroes and characters, colorfully and very detailed. He studied "graphic communication design" and learned how to translate personal tastes and feelings into art pieces. Carlos Aguirre, one of his teachers, pushed him to question his work and look for another alternatives to apply his design abilities. Then Ramiro began to work for Carlos Amorales, a recognized Mexican artist, to build his artist projects. One of those projects was to create hundreds of black butterflies to fill a complete room. Afterwards Ramiro joined forces with two co-workers, Ivan and Eduardo, to create their own firm: “Tres Morenos” (The three brown). Together they have developed different types of projects, such as an anecdote publication that is travelling in some points of the world and all kind of objects and furniture, it could be packing or interior design.

But Ramiro´s personal project is and has been: the food. Since he can remember, one of his favorites moments of the day is having meals and tasting flavors. His mother is a great cooker and usually prepares for him, his favorite Mexican dishes such as enchiladas verdes, nopales rellenos, picadillo y bacalao (tortillas with green sauce, cactus, beef small balls and fish). Also Tania, Ramiro´s girlfriend, is excellent at preparing cochinita pibil (pork in axiote sauce) and pollo a la leche (milk chicken) for him. Both, Tania and Ramiro, are always looking for a new restaurant to go to eat and a new flavor to experiment. One of their favorite places, is “Casa Virginia”, own by a Mexican chef called Monica Patiño. One of the specialties is squid casserole, with a puff pastry cover and baked. Another favorite place is “Mi Kasa”, a traditional Japanese supermarket that sells homemade sushi. For Ramiro, “food is like a language, you have to understand a dish, learn about it and then you can go backward to identify each particular flavor”. 

In the last years Ramiro likes to go to the Gourmet Show, where he can find all kind of products from different countries. He just fell in love with a French cheese called Fourme d'Ambert AOC, a strong cheese, and old and dry, known in Mexico as “the woman of the soft heart”. Ramiro says that French cuisine is not easy food, because it is complex and you have to understand the different ingredients and try to separate them in the mouth.

Wine, beer and tea are his favorite beverages. Ramiro just bought a bottle of Chateau Lafite, from the wine harvest from 1966; it is one of his treasures. Mexican craft beer is another of Ramiro’s joys. Brands like Minerva and Bohemia Weizen are the ones that he usually drinks. To end up a good meal, a green tea is always the best option. Ramiro´s favorite tea is Oolong Tea, a Chinese one and he buys tones of it at Caravanserai, the teahouse. 

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