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Quality Sharing in Milan

November 2015

By Claudia Franco, Milan

My plan for 2016 is to seek a quality life style and research smart ways to avoid unnecessary expenses.  This was the reason that I created MilanoViaSavonaZonaTortonaSociale, on Facebook, a “street bank” or “social street” to connect people living in my area and share time, things, services and ideas with my neighbors.  In Italy, 'social streets' are growing day by day and everyone is watching with interest this phenomenon that mimics the solidarity of neighbors practiced in the past before the Internet.

But above all, I follow the advice of my close friends and it was a strong recommendation that made me fall in love with Co Co, where I bought my fantastic red leather bag.  It's a cool and stylish Milanese fashion brand, designed by the charming Nicoletta Ceccolini, a costume designer for film and theater who is well-known in town.  She designs chic and sexy clothes for women with great care and quality tailoring and accessories.  The designs are inspired by the old Italian movies, and on the second floor of her smart Co Co Atelier in via Volta 5, Brera area it's also possible to rent just for one day authentic vintage clothes from the 1930's, 40's, 50's and 60's, including men's tuxedo and tie tuxes: a great idea to save the money of a ‘street banker’!

Not far from Co Co, also in the Brera area, there is the scented “cosm-ethics” boutique Caudalie.  Again, I first discovered this beauty natural brand made from grapes through a friend and also from a great ad campaign in Italian magazines.  In the small cozy place located in via Fiori Chiari there is also a Caudalie Spa for unique, powerful skin treatments.  I love drinking wine, so let's taste all the benefits of grapes.

This year the talk of gourmets and food experts on the web is Identità Golose from food guru Paolo Marchi, a gourmand journalist who created a network of prestigious events and temporary restaurants with the best Italian food protagonists.  So after a great summer that I spent eating an incredible amount of Italian street food standing in the new hot spot in town, the Mercato Metropolitano or farmers’ market in Porta Genova, I feel to be sort of overdosed on fast food: enough is enough of “panini” and “piadine”.  So in the near future I would like to have an excellent, luxury, slow dinner from a starred chef selected by Identità Golose Guide.  I am looking forward to sitting around a table for hours.

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Co Co: It's a cool & stylish Milanese fashion brand
Caudalie: A “cosm-ethics” brand, made from grapes
Mercato Metropolitano: The new 'hot spot' farmers market

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