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Popular Culture Levels Brazilian Class

November 2012

By Glaucia Holzmann, Sao Paulo

OSKLEN is a Brazilian brand that represents the lifestyle of contemporary women and men. It envisions a world where city and nature, the global and the local, organic and technological all live together. Recognized by its international quality and innovative design, OSKLEN has changed the fashion concept of high-class customers in the past few years due to the fusion of these updated aspects of modern life.

“I think Osklen is the brand that best translates the chic Brazil. It’s the clothes of who knows how to be naturally elegant without any airs,” said Zazá Piereck, gastronomy expert and owner of Zaza Bistrô Tropical.

Nowadays, people want style with comfort and are worried about environmental issues. The brand appeals to the public, who has the same philosophy.

“Osklen was the first one in Brazil to relate a fashion brand with nature, using fashion and technology in favor of nature. The quality of the fabric and modeling made the brand become unique,” said local Shoestock fashion designer Verena Isaack.

Another change in the Brazilian social structure is seen with popular gay dating app GRINDR, which is overtaking Brazil across all classes. Gay men – the ones that really use it – can be seen connected all day long, though it’s used more for flirting and curiosity than really dating.

“I believe there is a change in gay behavior,” said local psychologist Rafael Soldan. “I’ve been observing gay men using GRINDR mainly to flirt rather than sexual encounters.”

Perhaps the strongest instance of Brazil’s middle class coming to the cultural forefront in the past few years is Avenida Brasil, a soap opera. Typical scripts in the past showed evil rich people against the poor good people – a cliché. Avenida Brasil instead shows the emerging middle class in all leading roles, allowing the audience characters with whom they can identify.  Remembering that 35 million people have in recent years joined an expanded middle class, advertisers have as a result been offered great opportunities during commercial breaks. The merchandising shown during the show is being purchased by the crowd, from earrings to hairstyles, cars and beverages.

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