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Philosophy & Function: Successful Branding to Millennials

February 2014

By Claire Brooks, President, ModelPeople

Early in 2014, our global CultureBloggers℠ look back at important shifts in Millennial consumer lifestyles and values. This month ModelPeople looks at trends in urban lifestyles and leisure time. We highlight the brands which have made themselves integral to living well in global mega-cities by offering quality, individuality and convenience along with a philosophy that resonates with democratic, socially-aware and choosy Millennial consumers.

New Dining Values
In New York, the Nommunity app geo-targets individual nutritional needs, while Feedie– where a meal is donated for every food photo snapped and shared through the app's social network– appeals to socially-conscious Millennials. Online meal delivery service (foodbasket) has drastically changed the face of Istanbul dining for young professionals who can choose from local restaurants or American imports like KFC, McDonalds and Pizza Hut.  In Mexico City, the changing role of women has resulted in a new emphasis on pre-prepared meals and snacks, but alongside the demand for convenience is a demand for healthier choices for children from sweet treat brands like Pronto and Hershey’s.

Transformations in Transportation
Getting out of the car, is more acceptable than ever.  In Cape Town, the new MyCiti bus system not only offers urbanites respite from unreliable trains, it’s actually considered cool to be seen networking and socializing on board. In São Paulo, Itau Bank supports a bike sharing system, allowing a greener, less stressful alternative to the city’s packed streets. Car companies are responding to Millennial lack of interest in driving by making small cars sexy in Istanbul. In South Africa, Hyundai appeals to the emerging middle class with affordable design and thoughtful multi-racial marketing around their corporate motto, “New Thinking, New Possibilities." Even in LA, upscale Smart coupes are cool for getting around the neighborhood!

While we can’t all afford a butler, technology supports individualized services, allowing for more luxurious consumer experiences. In Berlin, artisan e-tailers make luxuries such as personalized muesli and fragrance blends available, affordably. E-commerce is still fairly new in Istanbul, but sales are offered to online shoppers the day before they appear in-store. In post-Occupy Wall Street NYC, the BitCoin digital, peer-to-peer money exchange that aims to democratize money, creates a buzz.

See how the busy Istanbul life leaves consumers hungry for tech-assisted ways to feel special and pampered, not to mention a sanctuary from the bustle of daily urban existence:

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