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NYC Club DJ’s Fashion Fix

October 2014

By Camille Domain, New York

Luna: Digital Marketing Specialist / Club DJ

Luna is awesome, In more ways than one. A digital-marketing specialist by day, DJ by night, in New York via Miami and Paris, she paints a picture of the quintessential New Yorker: her roots are multi-cultural, her journey, complex and well-travelled, her personality, open and her style, a true testimonial to her life experiences.

Find her on Twitter  and on iTunes, where she dispenses great advice to make your brand stand-out.

As she mixes obscure brand names, high-end designers and chain store items to craft her outfits, Luna adds varying degrees of jewelry and accessories fetched as far as Hong-Kong and Beijing during her numerous travels. “Some of my favorite addresses to shop are still in New York though” she points out. “I love getting my designer fixes by going to sample sales whenever possible (Alexander Wang and Tamara Mellon were among this year’s favorites)  Also, I love some of the unique stores in NYC, such as La Garconne, which used to be online only but has now put down some actual roots in Tribeca. I also like Stuart and Wright on Lafayette, Jumelle in Williamsburg and Oak on Bond Street, especially for their off-beat accessories.

For jewelry my friend Jules from Bijules makes some great statement pieces that get copied by everyone else. She was the first to make the bar ring, and now you can find versions of this ring everywhere.” She goes on to add: “I love adding pops of color and for me, style has to take into consideration every aspect of a person’s physicality, be it freckles, hair and skin color and texture, silhouette etc…there are so many elements to play off one another; that’s what I love the most; using my body as a blank canvas and build up from there”

Luna’s blank slate is alabaster skin and a blond mane she likes to chop off often. “Hair for me is not a security blanket, it can frame the face so many different ways, I just love exploring that depending on how I feel and what I set out to accomplish style-wise. I usually get my hair done at Marie Robinson and I get blow-dry’s at Drybar before meetings” She goes on to add: “We live in such a visual society and NY is the birth place of so many incredibly strong trends, it’s almost like we owe it to other New Yorkers to contribute to all this. Sometimes, what makes the look is the simplest element, such as neon nail color. I get mine done at Valley Nails downtown”

Luna, what are your favorite spots to eat and drink in NY?

“I love a lot of downtown places, because I’m there so often. I often go to The Butcher’s Daughter, for their great salads, la Esquina for their tacos and the hip, yet unassuming vibe and Café Standard for the burger. I also love happy hour $1 oysters at my friend’s Ten Bells restaurant.

For drinks, I’m not big on alcohol; I’m actually more of a juice person so I like to get my fix at Liquiteria in the east village or at one of the small bodegas in east Harlem where they juice. In the evenings I’ll just follow my friends.”

What can’t you live without?

“Since I travel a lot and even though I make new connections pretty easily, I really love keeping in touch with my friends and my close-ones so I’d have to say, technology in this area is brilliant: WhatsApp lets me text people on the other side of the planet for free as long as they have the app on their phones. Of course, the other usual suspects are pretty cool too: Viber, Skype, Snapchat...”

As far as social media goes, what are your picks?

I often go for Instagram and Twitter these days.  I once read someone describing Instagram pictures as "seeking beauty in the banal" and I just thought that was so accurate; as if millions of someone’s were all saying at the same time; "hey, look at how I view the world that surrounds me; everywhere my eye goes; there's poetry." It's so powerful because nowadays everyone wants to voice their identity and here's a platform to showcase their perception of the world through the filter of their experience.

As for Twitter; it's such a great way to get all kinds of info: breaking news, blog updates, shout outs etc. but in my line of work I also use it to track trends. It gives me a pretty solid overview of what's happening"

For transportation, what’s your dream vehicle?

“In the city I sometimes fantasize about having a car but let’s face it; traffic and parking are a hassle and tickets are given too often in what seems to be an arbitrary mode. Right now I‘m loving the Uber services and their app to order a car.

When I really want my own wheels, I tend to rent them via Zipcar for example.

"I was in Paris recently though, and they have a shared electric car rental system that is called Autolib that I think is great for short distances. I’m hoping we soon get the same here in the U.S.”

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