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Noche Buena in Mexico City

December 2013

By Gabriela San, Mexico City

Christmas time is coming soon! It's the best chance to get what you've been dreaming to own all year. 

1. Let’s begin with some new retro furniture, to accent the home.  It could be a rustic closet, color-faded with vintage handles, or some antique pictures set in doors. Vintage style in Mexico City is not just about nostalgia, it's about having a unique piece that is usually handmade and has a story behind it.

2. Gadgets are always welcome, because having a smartphone, iPod, tablet and a digital camera is no longer enough!  An experimental analogue camera is one of the coolest gadgets of the moment, because you can take unusual pictures using old camera lenses, like a fish eye or wide-angle.  It could be a Fujifilm, or another from the Lomography family. These types of camera allow you to play with the effects and colors, as well as experiment with film.

3. My third gift could be an electric bicycle. Collapsable and easy to carry, they're an efficient, eco-friendly way of getting around. Biking has become the most popular mode of transportation in Mexico City, especially for the youth. And while it's necessary to have all the appropriate elements for a comfortable ride, a bike most also be stylish, modern and sport the last technology.

Drink of choice: During the holiday season in Mexico, Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma Company issues their notorious "Noche Buena" (Christmas Eve) beer. A strong, dark beer with body, it's brewed in a little town called Orizaba. It's present at almost every celebration between October and December, and it keeps us warm during our cold, Mexican winters!

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