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Multi-tasking Aspirin in NY

January 2015

By Camille Domain, New York

We’ve turned the page on 2014 and In pursuit of what I can hardly remember I neglected the essential: my body, mental sanity and overall health. I ate poorly, often on the run, and barely took the time to breathe, let alone exercise. Health is the most important asset we have; we all know it.

First order of business: getting my body back into shape.

Aside from the occasional get together, I haven’t hit the gym since puberty so I turned to my friend Google for some advice on where to begin and I found Physique 57 which garnered a lot of attention because of its celebrity following is an interval barre-based workout and a spin-off of the Lotte Berk studio method.  I expect to make lots of interesting new friends.

The app Pact will literally keep me accountable with my new exercise routine. The principle is simple: you make a pact with a wager to exercise and if you fail, you have to pay other members but if they fail then you get some cash.  You also get paid if you keep your pact; pretty sweet and potentially profitable.

For OTC pain relief of those long-ignored muscles of mine after the beating, i.e. the exercise, I’ll stick to Aspirin, the most reliable and the best anti-inflammatory for me and I use it in several ways; I take a baby size aspirin every day for heart-health prevention, I take two 325mg tablets when I have a headache and I take a half 325mg tablet whenever I am looking for a quick pick-me up like if I am about to go out for the evening. If taken 30 minutes before the event, it makes skin look incredibly refreshed and plump; because it thins out the blood it helps my circulation and makes my skin more alive.

Also, I sometimes crush some non-coated aspirin tabs and mix them with a few drops of water to mask a facial mask; it does wonders for the skin if left on for 10-15 minutes. Complexion is more even, pores appear smaller, and skin looks tighter. And for $1.99 it is the best medicine and beauty trick money can buy!

As for my diet, perhaps I’ll buy myself a Vitamix blender and start making more juices. In the past I have used hemp protein powder with much success. It is unadulterated, highly digestible, contains a lot of omegas in the perfect ratio and can be used in conjunction with many fruits and vegetables such as papaya and kale.

On another note, I am forever fascinated by the unchartered world of nutritional supplements and its seemingly endless possibilities.

I ‘ve always been a sucker for those products claiming to procure eternal youth and health but I try to be realistic: there’s much snake oil on the market and very little truth to their actual benefits so it’s best to stick to tried and true items: a multivitamin such as Carlson Labs Mini-Multi (because it’s small and it doesn’t upset my stomach, it’s my favorite), and a good source of omegas (krill oil is said to be one of the best)

From the spice aisle, I will be using turmeric often as it was last years star supplement and has been touted as the new cure-all. It's available everywhere and has been used for thousands of years notably in Indian cooking. Reports of its health properties make me almost salivate even at the thought of its bitterness.

For my face, I'll probably keep on using the organic virgin coconut oil I've been using for the past few months; I love the feel on my face though it may be useless to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. 2015 will decidedly by nature-oriented.

As for my mental sanity I want to find new things to challenge and perhaps even humble me. Luminosity uses cutting edge neuroscience findings to retrain your bran and exercise it. After an initial survey and test, the company tailors a program to your needs, feeding you exercises on a daily basis.

2015 will see the emergence of Camille 2.0 and I can't wait to meet her.

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