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Moving with style and comfort in the city

December 2011

By Claudia Franco, Milan

I fell in love with cycling this summer: pedaling my father’s vintage Legnano bicycle and talking with friends that used to cycle multiple kilometres every day, I realized this activity was truly therapy for both body and soul. Milano became much more cyclist-friendly just this past October as the city now allows bikes in its metro system. That said, my first wish for the holidays is to have a new bike for urban cycling – like an Olmo. Olmo is a luxury Italian brand that combines quality, design, comfort, and tradition, with its main shop located in piazza Vetra in the Ticinese area. I am still debating between a Trekking City Young or a Wave—a foldable bike that I could easily bring along with me during my frequent travels to Florence. I plan on reading David Byrne’s "Bicycle Diaries” to take note of the interesting suggestions he offers on biking in urban and rural areas.

Fashion, style, and lightness are very important for me—especially when it comes to my feet and shoes. I walk fast and cover a lot of terrain—both in town and in the countryside—so I seek out shoes that allow me to feel nimble and as light as a feather.

For years, I wore Tasmanian Blundstone boots and even though the very popular Australian Uggs are stylish, they have nothing on my favourite brand, Loints of Holland. Every time I cross Porta Genova square, I can’t resist stopping by Turci's shoe store to spy on the newest Loints models. Last winter, I bought a pair of black boots, then last spring a pair of red shoes; my feet are never tired, nor compressed. Loints are incredibly high-tech and handmade from the very best European materials; they are comfortable, warm, and strong and I love their sleek, contemporary design. I now can’t help but salivate over the new green boots—and I know for sure they will be the envy of all my friends.

I know I would be the object of similar envy if I received another holiday wish-list item: a Luisa Cevese bag. Luisa Cevese fabricates many unique “eco-fashion” bags under her trademark, Riedizioni; handmade from industrial textile waste and hung on walls, her bags look more like pieces of art and make her flagship store, located on Via San Maurilio (adjacent to the commercial street via Torino), look more like a gallery than a fashion store, attracting locals and foreigners alike.

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