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Millennials Mashup Democratic and High Design Lifestyles

October 2013

By Claire Brooks, President, ModelPeople

This month’s Lifestyle & Style issue of Global CultureBlog℠ uncovers a global Millennial spirit of social, cultural and economic activism. ModelPeople’s global Millennial bloggers look for ways to make social and political statements, embrace low-budget, democratic style and choose casual socializing destinations. However young urban consumers also respect and will pay a premium for hand-crafted quality, exclusivity and high-end design in categories as diverse as craft beers, BFY beverages, fitness regimens and sub-compact cars. This month, Global CultureBlog℠ has tracked five trends in fashion, socializing, automotive and health & fitness:

PC Personal Style
After the recent youth riots in Istanbul, “chapulju,” or looter, sensibility has led to a boycott of trendy brands like Starbucks which appeared to support the government line. In Delhi, jholawalla protest-chic is in style with affluent hipsters. In LA, wearing a designer whistle helps raise awareness for the war-torn Congo.

Casual Cocktailing
Top-shelf no longer means top prices. High-end liquor brands sponsor outdoor pop-up bars along the Seine in Paris, while Beijing liquor distributors set up impromptu outdoor ‘lounges’ in parking lots. Cape Towner hipsters enjoy craft beers in the newly opened Beerhouse.

Transformed Transportation
In LA, the stylish Tesla S has replaced the iconic Toyota Prius and Chevy Volt as the ‘green’ car of choice, even attracting buyers who have found ‘green’ unattractive until now. In Istanbul, driving a flashy car is no longer in fashion. Instead, the re-designed, budget Renault Clio has taken market share from higher-end compact cars, like the VW Golf and Audi A1.

Fashion Democratization
Independent designer bazaars flourish in Mexico, giving consumers not only thoughtfully crafted clothing, house furnishings and accessories, but also direct relationships with their producers. In Cape Town, local designers are given retail space in a chain fashion outlet.

Fashionable Health & Fitness
In Mexico City consumers enjoy the individual customization and exclusivity of Crossfit sessions. In LA, award-winning designer packaging makes locally-produced Califia Farms gourmet juices and non-dairy milk irresistible for the style-conscious.


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