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Mediterranean-Inspired Health & Beauty in Milan

May 2014

By Claudia Franco, Milan

Pink, yellow, orange, red, violet and green are the colors for Milan health and beauty this spring. It’s a veritable invasion of beautiful flowers, as the Mediterranean coast inspires not only new fragrances, but also the building blocks of a simple, fresh lifestyle.

There’s a push for reverting to ancient plant remedies in beauty. The new Collistar makeup collection , called Ti Amo Italia,  uses locally sourced , as Marche magnolia water, Sardinia myrtle water, Emilia Romagna distilled cornflower water and Sicilian citrus fruits.

Heritage also fueled innovation for iconic Italian perfumer’s Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo line. Sourcing delightful essences from Sicilian almonds and Capri's fig trees, their shimmering blue packaging catches the eye of almost every passerby.

Beyond beauty benefits, the Mediterranean flowers and plants of Italy can also support health. In the all-purple showroom at Lavanda del lago, the ancient applications of lavender are used as skin remedies, aid digestion and can combat everything from bronchitis to aging.  Mainstream newspapers have also ran stories recently that capers from Pantelleria can help with seasonal allergies.

As summertime nears, everyone focuses on fitness. The most relaxing and beloved Italian fitness alternative is walking in city green areas, often with your dog, or heading to the nearby coast of Navigli.  In Milan, having a pet is a status symbol. So why should your pet miss out on great, organic health and beauty products? Bio Love Pet of Bema makes pet products from Olea Europaea (olive) and Prunus Amygdalus (sweet almond). The news is that some Italian beaches will soon be open to animals, making fitness with your pet even easier this summer.

And last but not least, and old Italian natural remedy for weight loss is to have two honey spoons before sleeping. Not only does it lend to sweeter dreams, but it lends to equally positive results when you wake!

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Milan's Lavenda del Iago, filled with healing and fragrant lavender
Italian herbs and plants used for healing and well-being
Flowers overtake Milan this spring!

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