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From Mass Market to Micro-Hood: MicroMarketing to Gens X and Y

December 2012

By Claire Brooks

For the past few years, there has been no shortage of pundits talking about the death of mass marketing as the internet has revolutionized the way brands connect with consumers, enabling more personalized conversations. In this edition of our GlobalCultureBlogSM,  we look at how this trend has moved beyond technology, as urban young adults around the world embrace new ways to live and work on a more personalized scale, both revitalizing downtown urban areas and creating new opportunities for brands to connect on a micro level.

Micro-Marketing Channels
In the San Francisco Bay Area, unused urban spaces are being converted into temporary “micro-hoods.” These rent-free spaces are offered to small brands and startups to sell their products, ranging from food and drink, to fashion to cultural experiences. The trend is an extension of the long-term global trend for pop-up stores and restaurants, which have created impermanent, yet high-touch spaces for local and global brand promotion. Also in the US, crowd-funding site Kickstarter not only gives new, innovative ideas a chance to come to fruition, but established brands can join in the process through endorsements and co-sponsorships.

Creative Workspaces
In Russia, a new “creative class” of freelancers and entrepreneurs is moving into Moscow cooperative workspaces. And in a curious echo of pre-Soviet intellectualism, bookstores stay open all night, serving as both a meeting place for young people and a place for lectures and readings. Similarly in India, Bangalore sees the rise of coffee-shop culture, integrating sports and art experiences, such as yoga, cycling and pottery. 

Alternative Transportation
In Europe, technology is now facilitating urban transportation. In Germany, BMW’s DriveNow lets drivers rent by the minute via a chip in their license. In England, the Bus Master app helps Londoners trace the nearest bus going their way, avoiding long waits in the rain!

As the year winds down, we’d also like to share with you the GlobalHoliday WishList, a list of the products our Correspondents would love most to take with them into the New Year. 

Happy Holidays from everyone at ModelPeople!

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