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Male Grooming for a Big Birthday in Istanbul

January 2015

By Selcuk Koruturk, Istanbul

This past year was all about work for me. Switching industries with a new job quickly started absorbing all my precious time. As I adapted to all the “new” I realized I started neglecting myself which is why in 2015 my main resolution is to readjust my priorities and put my personal wellness on the top of that list.

First on my list is finding time to start working out again. If I can't find time to go the gym, I can always work out at home or outdoors. "7-Minute Work Out" is a fun app that I used on my iPad which is like a digital trainer that pushes you to do a body workout consisting of 12 different moves in 7 minutes. Doesn't sound too hard or time consuming, but you'll definitely need a shower afterwards! Towards spring time I’ve promised myself to start doing some physical activities outdoors. The Nike+ running app is a great little app that again acts as a personal trainer and gives you a cool detailed summary of your route, time and performance. I can definitely say it’s the new craze here in Istanbul and it’s beckoning me to join the bandwagon.

I haven’t been eating as much fruit and veggies as I want to so that’s also on my 2015 list of resolutions but so is a regular program of dietary supplements. Being someone who isn’t very keen on taking medicine I tend to go for more simple stuff like over the counter multivitamins and Omega-3 supplements. My medicine cabinet regulars include GNC’s Megamen Multivitamin which is a nice little cocktail of all necessary vitamins needed on a daily bases and Solgar’s Omega-3 supplements, for cardiovascular upkeep and even skin health. This year I also want to cut back on my coffee intake and as a replacement I’m on the hunt for a more organic supplement that’ll provide my with a more natural boost to my day.

The dreaded times of pushing on thirty not only dampens the mood but it also brings along its physical changes. It’s about time to take my skincare seriously and what I need is one good product to keep my skin healthy and so the SPF factor and base of the moisturizer plays an important part. La Roche Posay Toleraine Riche moisturizer includes an adequate SPF factor and is water based, which is perfect for oily skin. My second target is more of a preemptive strike; even though I’m not losing any hairs to the shower drain, thank God, I’m thinking of getting something that’ll keep my hair intact and healthy. This will be a first for me so I want to try something not too strong but that will offer a simple way to revitalize my hair, which is exactly why I’m going to go with Ducray Stimulating Gel.

I’m dedicating this year to myself, in the honor of turning 30, and even though we all make resolutions we don’t keep the fact that I’m investing in myself and buying (or downloading) all these products give me an additional boost. I feel excited and ready for 2015. Having spent money on my resolutions I’ve invested in myself and it will be me who will prove whether or not this investment was worthwhile.

Happy 2015!

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