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A Little Vintage Sparkle for the Holidays

December 2010

By Dina Pugh, San Francisco

Christmas came early for me this year. I always buy myself one special thing that no one would ever know I wanted or be able to order online. A new boutique, Minxy, just opened next door to my workplace and on my second visit in one day, I saw this dazzling vintage piece that was clearly screaming my name.

The shop owner astutely pointed out that it was multi-functional. Holiday parties always require dressier attire and I could also wear it to art openings throughout the year when I really want to make a statement. Plus, it was only $42 and the nice lady offered me a neighborly discount! Ok, so I also purchased the Jean Paul Gaultier for Target strapless number pictured with the necklace.

The truth of the matter is that I ultimately decided to make this necklace my Christmas gift to self because I desperately need a dramatic accessory to dress up my daily uniform: a James Perse tee-shirt and skinny jeans. I might throw on a different jacket to throw people off my track, or switch between flats and boots depending on the season, but I tend to wear the same thing everyday. Call it laziness, but I’d rather focus on other things than craft some creative new outfit each morning. But now this golden, sparkly addition to my repertoire will give my usual combo a dressier twist.

Great fashion should always be this easy – find one great piece and pair it up with some classics like the perfect little black dress. Luckily, I found both in one Christmas shopping stop!

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