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LA’s Stylish DIY Home

October 2014

By Wendy Dembo, Los Angeles

Michelle: Mom and Entrepeneur 

When you're a mom, you meet plenty of other moms in playgroups and at parks around town. Usually, having kids is the only thing that you have in common with these moms. But if you're lucky, you meet someone like Michelle - a mom who has found a way to take the mundane of motherhood and turn it into an aspirational lifestyle. 

With two young daughters and a blog, Michelle is a mom on the go. Whether she's off to a commercial casting call, or to accompany her husband to the Emmys; she always has one foot in Hollywood and the other in her home. On her blog Home Made Mimi, Michelle writes about DIY and shares funny personal stories about her family life. She is super crafty. She creates amazing kids’ parties that puts everyone else’s to shame and she writes about them in a humble, humorous tone. When catered parties and private planes are the norm in your affluent Los Angeles neighborhood, Michelle feels "compelled to DIY my way to a stylish life."

Her most recent home project involved stripping a wood headboard for her daughter's room, but she couldn't find a video online of a knowledgeable woman like herself doing it. Her next endeavor is to create DIY YouTube videos to help women like her. "I want to empower women to take care of things themselves- not wait for their men to come home.” She’s excited to fill that niche. 

Michelle also co-authors a blog called ShiksaChicks with her friend where they write about their inter-faith marriages. 

What makes everything work is that Michelle has a great sense of style. For her, gold is a neutral color. Most of her shoes are gold… ranging from J. Crew’s limited edition gold Vans, which she kicks herself for not buying more to her gold Havianas and the Isabel Marant  shoes that she just bought for “way too much.”

Michelle has mad style. She likes to throw in a few vintage pieces of Oriental clothing as a nod to her heritage, but not so much that she looks like a hostess at a Polynesian restaurant. She wears a lot of Splendid and Rag & Bone  for every day and most of her sweaters are Vince. She wears Lululemon  and Onzie  when she goes to Hot8yoga.

She keeps her make-up simple. She uses the same color for day and night, but just puts on more for night-time. Chanel  lip liner in Rosewood is a constant and she uses Clinique  powder because it is hypo allergenic.

You can check out her daughter’s room on Apartment Therapy.

And soon you will be able to watch her and her husband compete on an upcoming episode of “House vs. House” on the FYI network.

Twitter: @HomeMadeMimi

Pinterest: HomeMadeMimi



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