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Katya Shares Moscow’s Beauty Secrets

September 2014

By Maria Petrova, Moscow

I am lucky to be friends with beautiful Katya, who, besides being an MBA- graduate with a demanding job as a business development director, is also a guru of beauty products and treatments.

Katya, when is the best time to try some new beauty treatments?

A season of beauty begins in autumn - many cosmetic procedures can be done only in autumn and winter, when the sun is not in its active phase. Then the time comes to do chemical and laser peels, mesotherapy and contouring.

Can we expect to see any new treatments this fall in Moscow?

I cannot say that during the last year something radically new appeared on the market. Maybe laser cosmetology became slightly more popular - some salons are positioning themselves emphasizing this type of cosmetology. If you want to stimulate the skin and achieve a more active collagen production – the laser is probably the nicest way to tighten skin and reduce small wrinkles.

Did you try any such treatments yourself?

Last year I tried a cosmetic procedure Fraxel I did 2 treatments within an interval of 1 month- in the beauty salon Beauty Trend. But I came to the conclusion that I should focus on the less traumatic kinds of cosmetics. I do prefer quality home care, and do seasonal peelings and mesotherapy courses.

What is the best place to shop for quality cosmetics in Moscow?

I love trying new cosmetics. The greatest pleasure for me is to go to the shops with cosmetics and pharmacies- to the places where there are a lot of jars and tubes with creams, serums, lotions and tonics. Most of all I love to shop at CosmothecaThey offer a wide range of products that can not be found anywhere else in Moscow. All the brands are quite expensive, but the pleasure of visiting these cosmetic boutiques is worth it. There, I buy facial masks to use at home and body lotions.

Which are you favourite brands?

For example, I like the Korean brand Erborian. it adds herbs to their cosmetic products. Whether you like it or not - the beauty starts from inside.

If you notice on the face signs of fatigue after a wild party night – the perfect mask is Detox from Detox brand which could be paired with cotton disks impregnated with glycolic acid.

If you just want to scrub your skin - ideal scrub is made by Skin Ceuticals (in Moscow sold in online pharmacies Rigla) – in my opinion there is nothing better.

Which creams do you use for facial daily care?

When buying creams for daily care, I strictly follow the recommendations of my cosmetologist. The last six months I was using the products of iS Clinical and couple of products of Dermalogica.

Most of my products come form iS Clinical - two serums (one with a high content of vitamin C, the other with a set of different acids), eye cream, gel cleanser, sunscreen and scrub with enzymes. It was a great care for the summer period. I have oily skin and while caring for such skin, it is important not to overdo it with thick creams and serums. But this brand suited me just great!

What is your everyday beauty ritual?

Evening - alternate serums and use no cream, in the morning - a sunscreen to which I add Extreme C of Dermalogica – it's a powder containing pure vitamin C, which can be added to any cream. A real gem.

Do you plan to try any new facial creams now when summer is over?

In the fall, I plan to go for the brand Meillume. It has a great serum with a high content of retinol (5%) and the cream that fits me. Due to the high activity of Meillume products, that can be used only up to 2 months, but the results will last for the entire year. Retinol – is the only drug that can be called a true elixir of youth.

Because I have a problem of hyperpigmentation, besides the products of this brand, I also plan to use a simple cream from the pharmacy- Skinoren. It contains a high percentage of azelaic acid, which will help me to whiten the skin.

You were not very happy with laser treatment, but do you find any injections beneficial? Do you plan any salon treatments this fall?

-Yes, in addition to home treatment, in the office of cosmetologist, I plan to do Botox injections between the eyebrows, the course of mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid and retinol peeling.

Any other beauty advice you can give us? :-)

-Oh, do not forget to drink water!

Why beauty is important for you?

I'm quite picky about the appearances, including my own. I think that all the people should look good primarily out of respect for others. Who likes to look at ugly, not groomed women? Plus, I feel more harmonious when I like my reflection in the mirror. It insures my good mood, but I would not say it affects my lifestyle.

Where do you gather your information on new cosmetic treatments?

I gather information from everywhere - from beauticians, from reports of clinical studies, from friends, and doctors. And before doing anything, I always study reviews on the Internet.


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