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January 2015: New Health, Wellness and Trends for Millennials

January 2015

By Claire Brooks

This month, GlobalCultureBlog® shares our Millennial trendsetter’s “New Year, New You” resolutions and explores the new health, wellness, beauty & fitness trends and products they trust for a fitter, healthier 2015. Millennials have grown up expecting vast choice in brands & services and using technology to make life easier. They curate highly personal approaches to health and beauty which creates new opportunities for traditional brands and challenges for high-end services.

Anti-Aging Angst

Millennials hitting 30, men and women, are turning to both traditional and sophisticated at-home methods to turn back time and brands are learning how to target them. In Tokyo, Shiseido pops up at snowboarding events. In Berlin, expensive natural lash serum Revitalash gets rid of trips to the fake lash salon, and in London the $500 Phillips Lumea laser hair removal tool is replacing salon waxing. Meanwhile, our man in Istanbul uses preventative hair loss product Ducray Stimulating Gel, invented in the 1930’s.

Super Nutrition

Super-healthy foods are a top spending priority for Millennials and felt to be nutritionally superior to vitamins & supplements, especially in Berlin, where online grocery retailers like Kochhaus and Hello Fresh make it easy to eat well by allowing one to order the ingredients for a chosen recipe online for home delivery. Turmeric and herbal elixirs deliver more potent nutrition than bottled vitamins for our SF and NY trendsetters, and in Mexico City, homemade supplement mixes are common. However our LA correspondent trusts the vitamin C content of Amla Ayurvedic rejuvenator over oranges! 

Natural Baby

Trusted b rands with short, preferably natural ingredient lists are the beauty world’s equivalent to the plant-based diet. Our Bangalore correspondent, now a new mom, chooses Himalaya, founded in the 1930’s for her baby, over J&J which historically was the go to brand for all new mothers. Meanwhile our NY correspondent uses organic virgin coconut oil and mixes up a $2 face mask from aspirin!

Social Fitness

Social media motivation continues to replace Weight Watchers meetings.  Our London correspondent likes the @yoga_girl  New Year challenge on Instagram.  Ever-to the-point Berliners follow the “I make you sexy” program online, while in Tokyo CrossFit communities allow group-minded Japanese to motivate each other in the gym.

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