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Istanbul Men Go James Bond

December 2013

By Selcuk Koruturk, Istanbul

Turkish men have an increasing share of the marketplace when it comes to products tailored specifically for them. So, Istanbul’s male citizens can have a little more fun buying gifts for the holidays too!

1. Nowadays all you need to do to call yourself an amateur photographer or videographer is an iPhone with Instagram and Vine installed in it.  Well, I want to step it up a notch and grab some quality pics— and especially videos—about which I am passionate. The Canon EOS 7D is perfect for me because, with an affordable price, it offers full HD video with the natural advantages a DSLR camera brings: lenses.

2. I give up! Almost everyone around me either has a Playstation 3 or an Xbox. Conversation over beers almost always dips in to the world of gaming, which I’ve been absent from for some time. There’s a hollow part in my life that sadly may only be filled by a brand new Playsation 4! I’m counting down the days for its release in Turkey, and I think I’ll be in line with my buddies this year waiting.

3. Retro fashion has hit Turkey but the translation is either a modern Woodstock, or a wanna-be Brooklyn hipster look. If I’m going to do retro, then I’m going to do it in style. I’m now on the hunt for a Chesterfield coat. I want something classy, yet unique, to wear over my suits to work. A double-breasted coat with velvet collars. Can you say James Bond? My main hunting grounds are the second hand shops in Beyoğlu.

Drink of choice: Now with over a dozen brands of Raki (anise-flavored spirit), people are in search for their own personal favorite, just like wine or beer. That’s why my drink of choice for these holidays will be Kulüp Raki (Club Rakı), which is a very old Raki brand that was forgotten over the years but is making slow comeback.

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