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Healthy as a Means of Self-Expression in London

May 2014

By Martha Alexander, London

Years of being told that being healthy is a lifestyle choice, rather than a quick fix, is finally beginning to rub off on Londoners! Healthy choices are now an opportunity to demonstrate self-expression, and there is an aversion to boredom and having to compromise.

Voga is a new trend in London, a blend of yoga and vogueing (dancing and posing). It has all the symptoms of being a fad, but thanks to being an aerobic exercise it's starting to gain a cult following. Voga is about image (vogueing originated from dramatic drag ballroom dance in 1980s New York City), so wearing tight, bright clothes, with a nod to the 80s means plenty of apparel labels would be perfect 'voga' brands. Nike is an obvious choice, but Sweaty Betty would be perfect too. American Apparel is on brand and Topshop is riddled with sexy, bright sportswear. It’s no secret that people want to dress well for the gym, but that used to mean a tidy, quiet or sleek look à la Stella McCartney for Adidas.  With voga, you get a bit of drama with your downward dog.

Vapor Cafes are popping up all over Shoreditch and Hackney, with relaxed interiors (lots of wood and plants and copies of The Guardian). With vaping being the "healthy" way to smoke, and so many people taking to puffing away on these funny little machines, it’s no surprise to see attempts to make it as cool as possible. The element of choice – where you can get tabacco-flavored vapor, sure, but you can also choose to breath bubble gum too – is key here. It used to be that you’d buy these nerdy little objects from petrol station now it’s become a culty health kick. The packaging for all the flavors and where and how you choose to "vape" has made it a thing with personality. 

Lastly, Londoners are choosing an alternative, personal approach to dentistry. Yes, everyone wants very white teeth but the need for them to be perfect is no longer. Brits aren’t known for having the best teeth, but there are signs that having imperfections in a bid for individuality is now something for which Londoners will pay. Celebrities, including London model Georgia May Jagger and TV chef Tomasina Miers, have contributed to the a gap between the two front teeth as being such a desirable quirk that dentists in London are offering the gap as a choice for customers.  

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