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Global Holiday Wish List 2013

December 2013

By Claire Brooks, President, ModelPeople

This month, our ModelPeople Global Culturebloggers share a reflection of the year in trends in our annual Holiday Wish List.

Fashion Fusion
Fashion embraces ethnic traditions in both western and emerging economies, while traditional quality never goes out of style. Parisian bag maker Le Tanneur has been chic for two centuries while Istanbul metrosexuals embrace retro fashion, seeking out vintage versions of Burberry classics. In Beijing, designers accent basics with traditional Chinese detailing, such as the Mao stand-up collar.

Creatively Clean Living
Consumers worldwide seek ways to stay healthy while minding the environment. In post-Fukushima Tokyo, a paper humidifier is not only stylishly designed, but saves energy too. Home water filters from 3M address bottled water pollution scares in Shanghai, while in SF sleek, biodegradable filtration systems offering automatic refills by post make Brita obsolete.  In the US, partygoers can combat toxicity with homemade kombucha tea or drinking vinegar.

Tinsel Technology
This holiday season, a digital holiday card company will plant a tree with each order in LA. Istanbul is counting down the release of the PS4, promising to bring Turkey’s cell phone gamers back to consoles . In SF, a USB-chargeable bike light also helps prevent theft. In Beijing, iPhone bikinis are the new way to doll up a smartphone! In Istanbul, tech-savvy photographers buck smartphone art and embrace proper digital DSLR cameras with HD video capacity. In Mexico City, experimental analogue cameras give casual photo enthusiast detailed lens techniques.

Artisanal Edibles
Of course, no holiday season passes without at least a little indulgence. Beer is pushed aside in Berlin in favor of locally distilled, herbal schnapps. In Milan, a nothing spreads love faster than a box of traditionally hand-crafted Baci Gallina hazelnut sweets. In Cape Town, the Spice Route vineyard promises to explore the fusion of craft beer, wine and artisanal food: the perfect place for festive gatherings. While in Paris, Breton hard apple cider is the rustic holiday drink of choice.

Cheers! And best wishes for a prosperous new year.

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