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Global Gen Y Health & Beauty Trends, June 2013

June 2013

By Claire Brooks, President, ModelPeople

Global Gen Y Health & Beauty Trends: High-Tech Beauty Backlash?

The dominant trend in health and beauty has been towards highly scientific products, leveraging specific functional ingredients and promising breakthrough results. We may now be seeing the beginnings of a backlash against high-tech beauty, reflected in a couple of trends: ultra-simple doctor-certified products (for those who can afford them) and traditional ingredients and remedies in mainstream brands (perhaps also reflecting an atavistic desire for a connection with nature). This month, ModelPeople’s Global CultureBloggers℠ have tracked three health and beauty trends.

Beauty Doctors
The West Coast is seeing a rise in low-tech products authentically marketed by doctors. In San Francisco, community apothecaries are making a comeback with natural and herbal remedies and tinctures; while in LA, Dr. Robin’s skincare for kids is vegan and chemical-free.

Traditional beauty practices and ingredients have new appeal in India, China and Korea, markets which are exploding with imported scientific beauty products. In Delhi, brands such as Forest Essentials have taken Ayurveda mainstream, while in Seoul, The Korean Ginseng Corporation has a new range of luxury skincare products containing the traditional herb. In Mexico City mainstream skin and hair care brands from Garnier to Colgate Palmolive, positioned as ‘natural’ are appealing to women concerned with reducing exposure to synthetic products.

Health & Beauty Holism
There is continuing awareness of the relationship between nutrition, health and beauty. In Beijing, Shangri-La Farms sells organic honey to eat and “as food to quench a thirsty skin”! And organic foods are readily available at the Farmers Market and even at Walmart. In LA, Dr. Murray Clarke produces ChildLife Essentials, natural nutritional supplements for children to address the depletion of the earth’s nutrients.

Convenient Care
Consumers are looking for easier ways to look good too. In SF, Polished Dental will whiten your teeth in your office and Can-Can Cleanse will deliver a juice detox to your door. In Beijing, organic farms like Green Cow Farm deliver to the door.

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Claire Brooks is the president of ModelPeople Inc., which conducts deep insights, qualitative, ethnographic and creative research into global consumer behavior and cultural trends.
Ginseng from The Korean Ginseng Corporation
Dr. Robin's Skincare, from LA

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