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Fast, Fit & Fun in Bangalore

May 2014

By Reshma Bachwani, Bangalore

“Fun, fast, fit!” is the new mantra that has struck a chord with new-age Indian consumers. For this type of audience, who suffer from shortening attention spans, life moves at a frantic pace and no one has the time or the patience to wait and see results. Hence, whether it is beauty, health or fitness, brands have started talking the language of quick fixes. While Colgate Visible White toothpaste promises to give you one shade whiter teeth in one week, Olay Natural White doesn't make you wait even that long. They claim an instant glow (along with seven other benefits) right from the very first use. Deep down, consumers really do not hold brands to their initial promises, but the very mention of a dramatic turnaround with quick, measurable results is too tempting to miss.  

On one hand, the delivery time for consumer results has had to narrow in order for products to survive in this high-performance, high-pressure environment. On the other hand, the product benefit portfolio has had to stretch to appease the consumer with a low attention span who constantly seeks the answers to, “what more…what next? “

Gone are the days where personal care products who offered one-dimensional solutions were acceptable. Functional benefits have now become a table stake, and laddering up ‘plus’ benefits is the order of the day to keep consumer interest from waning. Take the Garnier BB cream, for instance, that boasts of five results, from lasting fairness to sun protection all in one application. While earlier personal care brands linked good looks to confidence and achievement, the new communication links health and beauty to fun and indulgence– the products beget a fun time out with friends, and enjoyment. Whether it is a Garnier sweat-plus-oil control fairness moisturizer for men, or Kellogg’s Special K brands, the clear message that strikes a chord with consumers is to egg them on and take life head on, sans restrictions or inhibitions.

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