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Ear to the Ground: WESC Headphones

February 2011

By Stephanie Wells, Paris

Stellar headphones are a must-have in my Paris toolkit. Schlepping through the métro is far more tolerable with a super pair of headphones blocking out the sometimes-charming although oft-maddening accordionist busking away at the precise level of my temples.

Like the rest of the world, Parisians are dialing down their spending. I found a solid bang for your Euro can be found in high-quality, stylish ear buds and headphones. The Swedish label WESC has come out with an inexpensive line that the kids are going nuts over. WESC features a spectrum of models in different colors and gold-plated styles that are the perfect accessory for a trendy Parisian. Le sales dude in the pork pie hat and flannel shirt will agree with me.

Running from 49 Euros for the earbuds to 60 Euros for the OBOE model, WESC headphones were an affordable entry on many holiday wish lists this year. I have plumb worn out my current pair and am happily performing recon missions for an updated model for the New Year. Au revoir, off-tune renditions of “La Vie en Rose” !


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