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Dear Santa, From Beijing

December 2013

By Noch Noch Li, Beijing

Dear Santa: Even though Christmas is not officially a festival in China, I hope you will not forget to come by to drop of a few things for us!

1. You could get my husband some cotton jackets and shirts that are a simple and classic design, fused with elements of Chinese fashion, such as the Mao suit stand collar, at Simple Living. I wouldn’t mind a few new tops and skirts from JNBY, down-to-earth designs with top quality Chinese silk, cotton and cashmere. Elegance with simplicity is my upcoming style for 2014.

2. If it is easier for your elves, please order some home decoration items online, via a new mobile app. Launched in October, XiGua (喜瓜 – happy melon) includes a social media function to share photos but doubles as a mobile e-commerce platform for independent Chinese designers to sell quality products. Think Instagram + shopping fused into one comprehensive app. A few cushions and porcelain vases would suffice.

3. Lastly, I would like to dress up my phone when attending Christmas parties in the expatriate circle. Pink polkadot bikini top and bottom would work. Perhaps you could get me a variety, including boxers, from boutiques in 798 Art District, so I could mix and match?

I will keep one window opened, so you could climb 20 stories high to deliver our gifts. I do not recommend going through chimneys in China….

Drink of choice: We do not have Christmas holidays – nonetheless, Chinese rice wine would be appreciated to battle gusts of cold wind. I promise to save a few bottles of MouTai or WuLiangYe for Chinese New Year, coming up at the end of January.

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XiGua (喜瓜 – happy melon) is China's newest e-commerce app, combining social media with shopping
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