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Conscientiously Chic in LA

October 2013

By Wendy Dembo, Los Angeles

Style in LA is about making a statement. It can be big and brash, small and understated, well-designed, or crass, but it must say something about you, your vision of yourself and your beliefs.

Ronni Kappos makes delicate architectural jewelry using antique European glass beads. She ties simple knots to make surprising shapes and symmetrical constructions. Her pieces are refined, elegant and unique. She makes her pieces in her charming house near Dodger Stadium, but you can buy her wares online or at select, local museums.

Falling Whistles is a LA-based, international non-profit based who sells eye-catching whistles that are both a conversation starter and a vote for peace in war-torn Congo. Falling Whistles’ three main goals are to educate people about the crisis in the Congo, shift American foreign policy and to invest in Congolese businesses inside the war zone in order to create jobs, stability and innovation. Wearing a whistle says that I care and am part of a larger movement for peace.

The New York Times may have given the Tesla Model S a bad review due to the fact that their batteries struggle in freezing weather. Luckily, that isn’t a problem in sunny California. The Toyota Prius used to be the eco-chic the car of choice, with the Chevy Volt making a small inroad in the market. The Tesla S now fills Santa Monica streets, and the change happened quickly. People wanted and waited for a well-designed, stylish luxury electric sedan, and Tesla delivered. Its fantastic, five-star crash rating by the NHTSA means that Model S not only looks great and is energy-efficient, but it is safe too.

I was recently drawn to a new product during a trip to Whole Foods. Califia Farms sells citrus juices, almond milk and iced coffee. The products are fairly quotidian, with the LA standards of being non-dairy (for vegans and the allergic) and soy-free (for those sensitive to hormones), but the packaging is fantastic. Everything comes in sensually rounded containers, instead of the practical square boxes one normally sees. I had to buy one of their products! It was a hot day, so I got some delicious Lemon Limeade. Next time, I will definitely try the iced coffee!

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