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Climbing That Hill

December 2010

By Julia Barnes, Tokyo

Embracing motherhood, my desires steer towards my families needs. Recently on my mind are the two hills that I face twice daily on the commute to my daughter’s nursery school. Either traveling on foot or by bike with a child, hills are tedious unless you have one of these Angelino Assista Deluxe Child Care Bikes by Bridgestone (129,000 yen/$1599.50).

Voted as one of the Top 20 coolest bicycle designs by Bloomberg Business Week, this bike was made with mothers in mind, as it has been known as the Volvo of electric bikes.

This family-friendly bike has no crossbar within its aluminum frame and can ride up to three people safely and comfortably with its 240-watt electric motor. For now though, our little one will ride upfront with the assurance of comfort and safety within the built-in child seat aptly named Super Angel Seat 2.0. And when she is not enjoying the ride, the seat can be converted into a shopping basket. There are many details that bring quality to this bike such as the sliding footrest to accommodate her natural growth and elongated handlebars to allow us to safely see over her.

The electric motor can provide up to 98 km of pedaling assistance and 36 km for the steep inclines around our neighborhood. Its three different assistance modes automatically change based upon the road conditions. The lithium ion rechargeable battery is easy to detach and charges up with an electric outlet.

Roll around Christmas, I am ready for my family’s new ride!

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