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Birdies, Bauhaus and Blockbusters

September 2011

By Alexander von Mollard, Berlin

I have to admit: I have a crush on Asian electronic gadgets. Although I am constantly surprised by their design, I am often somewhat doubtful of their technical standards. Nevertheless, the gadgets are fun and always make great gifts for birthday occasions! So when my boss asked me to accompany her to one of the world's leading trade shows for consumer electronics and home appliances—the Internationale Funkausstellung (International Radio Exhibition Berlin, aka 'Berlin Radio Show')—I leapt at the opportunity.

While browsing the more upscale stands, I chatted with consumers and retailers and learned that the next big design trend is undoubtedly the return of Bauhaus. From sound-systems to home appliances, Bauhaus—and the design school’s modus operandi, “form follows function”—is everywhere. Bremen-based company, Ceratec, is my choice for Bauhaus-inspired design classics. In addition to the fact that the brand’s products are labeled “Handmade in Germany“ (and I am always keen to support local craftsmanship), I like the understated, yet innovative, design ideas.

The coolest item I discovered was the brand-new “wear them anytime“ generation of 3D glasses. Designed and manufactured to wear either while watching 3D movies or during a stroll at Friedrichstraße on a sunny afternoon, they are UV-protected and come in a wide range of different designs and colors, in addition to being standardized for use with all common 3D formats used in theatres and home entertainment systems. The US- and Italy-based eyewear manufacturer Marchon offers a broad variety of these accessories. Rumor has it they will soon be launching exclusive lines of 3D shades designed by moguls such as Karl Lagerfeld, Diane von Furstenberg, and Calvin Klein.

Watch this video for a peak at GreenSound presenting the world's first glass speakers at the IFA, Berlin, 2011:

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