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Biohacked and Fashionably Fit in NYC

May 2014

By Luna Vega, New York

The ever-growing pressure to lead a healthy active lifestyle while managing a busy schedule has forced many New Yorkers to find efficiencies in their daily routines. One such has been the stark shift on fashion comfort over glamour for women. The versatility of active apparel, and especially yoga pants, can get a woman off her mat and out with her friends in one night. To meet this growing need, various brands have emerged, notably Urban Outfitter’s Without Walls active wear, Michi NYC and Electric Yoga.

Each of these brands feature flamboyant colors, cut out leggings, silvers, gold or leather trims which can be easily accessorized for a night out. Wearing chic fitness apparel sends a message that you are part of the creative class, living by your own rules– one of the lucky few who can go from meetings to downward dog in the middle of the day. Additionally, comfortable shoes, like the neon Nike Free Flyknit, or ballet flats, are favored over designer pumps. Style has changed tremendously, and complicated ornaments, which require hours of preparation, are no longer suitable for the busy, modern women who juggles her career and her health.

DIY Biohacking is another health trend that flourishes in the tightly-scheduled lifestyle.  Biohacking is the science of maximizing your health potential through a series of self-imposed tests, activity and meal tracking. Health tracking devices, such as Jawbone and Fitbit, have grown in popularity these last few years, lending consumers a certain sense of reward from simply wearing the devices. The idea of being able to track your activity, rest and meals provides a false sense of achievement. It provides users with the false notion that simply tracking their every move will help them determine the culprits of their health and readjust them accordingly. Books like The 4-Hour Body, and health sites like provide guides for self-processed Biohackers to test various health enhancement recipes. These publications advocate that ultimate health can be reached by consuming superfoods, following special exercise regimens and tracking progress. In some extreme cases, it’s become a quest to Super Human Powers. Dave Asprey is an entrepreneur and  biohacker who has spent 15 years and $250,000 to upgrade his IQ, lose 100 pounds and lower his biological age. He encourages in his blog that users map their DNA using mail in services like and deCodeGenetics, amongst others. These test provide users with personal genetic information that can help biohackers prevent future ailments.

The quest for health and productivity will continue to grow especially as science and technology get cheaper and more refined. Individuals in the future will be able to get special diets and workout regiments tailored to their genetics needs. A la carte health will be the next big thing.

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Biohackers rely on juicing and raw diets to maintain fitness and health
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