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Balancing Stress in Mexico City

January 2015

By Gabriela Acevedo, Mexico City

A new year is here and it’s the perfect time to think about further new purposes than the typical ones, such as saving money or the loss of weight or find a new job. For surviving in a metropolitan area with more than 20 million habitants, it is necessary to "get into the battle" against stress, the lack of energy, low defenses and diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. However, it is not just health care, the goal is to improve health and personal wellness. Is to prepare the body for any condition, try to prevent any disease, thinking about the future and the increase of the age.

It is no longer enough eating fruits and vegetables; the consuming of vitamins is a strong growing tendency. Taking vitamin B with products like Complejo B, help us to stabilize the nervous system. Products such as Redoxon, Bayer brand, have high content of vitamin C to shore body´s defenses and avoid respiratory illnesses. It is also very common to buy the alternative generic brands, with the same benefits, like Ascorbic acid by Pharmacaps and Vitafast. Another winning choice is to consume daily a multivitamin as Pharmaton or Centrum. It is important to mix the vitamin intake with energy shakes and other beverages, to get a better result with a natural touch. Energysoy and Remedy14 Flor are some of the options than health food stores offer. We can also choose the option of buying ingredients as magnesium chloride, collagen, spirulina seaweed or ginger to create homemade mixes.

It is essential to have at home OTC medicine such as Aspirina (acetylsalicylic acid) and Advil. Both are considered as miracle products, because they not only help to relieve general malaise as stomach ache and headaches but also to improve blood circulation and prevent heart attacks. It is not easy to think about replacing them with other medicines, because they are in the top of the mind of the consumers and have a common recognition.

Getting a massage has become one of the favorite practices, not only to relax but also to recover in many ways. It is useful to remove toxins, reduce insomnia, strengthens the immune system and increases muscle tone. Small business such as Masaje con Sentido” can attend you at home and give you a complete massage session with aromatherapy and homeopathy with salts of Schüssler. To conclude the treatment you can have hair care oils of local brands as Sary´s, which are sold in beauty shops. Something more sophisticated is to use GNC collagen creamy masks for skin and hair restoration. In this category you can try new brands as long as a massage therapist or some beauty professional recommend them.

To be in complete control of our wellness, is useful to have apps such as S Health by Samsung. This kind of apps can record the calories intake and the heart rate, also the exercise done.  Then you can get weekly summaries with charts. Another popular apps are Runtastic and Cyclemeter GPS that are more focused in the type and amount of exercise.

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