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Amrapali’s Global Desi Style in Bangalore

September 2014

By Reshma Bachwani, Bangalore

Style sense : Global desi*   (*desi = Indian / local ; Global desi loosely translates to Glocal)

Your sense of style in one word or phrase

The phrase ‘Global Desi’ best describes my personal sense of style. I do love strong bold colors and prints, both in terms of home linen and clothing. My wardrobe tends to gravitate towards western cuts and shapes, but in tropical, Indian, colours and/or prints. I like the European sensibility of layering clothes to create different effects. I enjoy collecting things that make a mark on my shelf, have a bold design and have some craft value to it. If it speaks to me, I buy it. I also cannot be boxed in my style, which tends towards the quirky and strange sometimes.

Your personal style and trends in the city

I believe it takes a certain mind set to see the beauty in craft, especially tribal craft, which tends to be more raw and viscous. I suppose the world over there are people with new age lifestyles and tastes who would collect the sort of things/knick knacks I do. I think at one point these same people would have been called hippies, and their style would have been boho-chic. I find Bangalore to be a relaxed and laid back sort of city where I can be myself, without trying too hard. I don't feel the pressure to fit in. I can go to the supermarket in my pyjamas, or dress up for cocktails, either way the public doesn't judge. 

Your personal style and its manifestations in everyday life

In the way I do up my home I love prints, and bold color. I love tribal art, craft, big bold decor pieces, quirky things that look like something but function as something else entirely. I like natural materials. I often use books as decor, especially now, that I read on my iPad. I personally enjoy trying to create different moods and feelings by using a different colour palette in each segregated space of my home. I suppose I'm very post-modern meets art deco, meets craft. In my dress; I like western cuts and lines. Most of the shapes I wear are non-ethnic; I however like my clothes in bold vibrant colours, or in bold prints

Your social life and weekend activities…

I enjoy a few cocktails, a beer now and then, but I can be equally merry and candid over coffee. I'm a continental food buff, I also enjoy Chinese, Thai, and coastal food both Indian and around the world. My favorite cuisine out of all that I’ve tasted so far is Greek and Mediterranean food.

The technology you own

I am fond of the sedan/multi purpose/compact SUV segment of cars (that’s all we can afford right now, haha!). My dream car is the Volkswagen Beetle. I read on an iPad, I work on a MAC, I own a MacBook pro, and play music on my I-pod. I’ve been a past owner of an iPhone, but recently switched from an android-based phone to a Nokia Lumia. I choose my smartphones based on design, color of body/cover (yes I'm that color obsessed!), screen size, technology and screen resolution in that order.

I'm a massive trivia collector, and I love knowing little bits of information about anything and everything I come across, hence my Internet linked devices are very much my lifeline. I am much more attracted to man made monuments than to nature’s splendors. I love museums, and palaces, forts and ruins. I love the sea, but swimming, and lazing is as far as my adventurous spirit roams

Your style inspirations

I often read magazines, like vogue, national geographic, online blogs, trend posts, and articles. I read a lot of film reviews, mainstream and art house. I have an interest and knowledge of Indian textiles, and I frequently collect handloom from different states. They are a major source of inspiration to me, especially in building up my color sensitivity/sensibility. 

I find Audrey Hepburn’s style and persona fascinating. I also follow online this amazing gay make-up artist from Cornwall, from whose videos I pick up a lot of make-up tips. I find the Indian designer Sabyasachi's work extremely appealing. As for foreign brands, I mainly buy, Zara, Vero Moda, Park Avenue woman, H&M. I am not a fan of any supermodels as such, but I find Gia Carangi, Janice Dickinson, Kimora Lee to be very appealing. I believe mixed ancestry and race makes the most beautiful, and glamorous people. 


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